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GAS DIGITAL can’t post episodes within 36hrs…

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    Elijah Olig

    Is Luis Retarded? Is Ralph retarded? Is everyone at GAS retarded?

    It’s insane that I ever paid for this. It’s even more insane that Luis constantly, and falsely, advertises that ‘everything is on demand’ and that you ‘get instant access to EVERY episode of every show’.

    No Luis, you don’t get access to those things. That’s BLATANT false advertising ‘baby boy’. I wait on average 1-2 days for episodes. I also CAN’T FIND certain episodes because you TOOK THEM DOWN.

    You advertise ‘access to the entire library’ whilst knowing full-well that isn’t the case. So not only is it 100% undeniably NOT ‘on demand’, we don’t even have access to the episodes you said we would.

    Ya’ll need to sort your shit out ASAP and make good with your customers before someone fucks up your website with DDoS bombs and FUD spoof fuckery.

    Wordpress, WooCommerce, and Cloudflare? Really? That’s the GAS Digital standard? Absolute garbage and horseshit security. A piece of cake, especially for your autist fanbase. Get uploading or get dead Gomez. Choice is yours.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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