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Dylan’s No Need Comedy Set

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    Going from Dave to Dylan was so fuckin’ rough.

    Dylan was mushed mouth as a mother fucker. Mushed mouth and stumbling over every fucking word.

    He had a few good one liners in there but most of it was trash. Definitely not good enough to act the way he does. And now that I think about it – I want to see Dalton Pruit’s comedy to compare the two. He can’t be half as bad as Dylan, which makes Dylan’s bitch fit make more sense.

    If Luis or Zac is reading this – please, for the love of God, advertise this stinker of a set on RAP or LOS. The people need to know.


    He’s a two year comic, that’s half the reason why he quit producing. Nearly every comic/producer quits because they realize that production is weighing them down. YKWD, style.

    Michael Hansen

    Ebpimpin what’s gabbys excuse? She can’t leave soon enough.


    So true, Michael!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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