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Did Ari really get shot or is this a bit?

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    Ben Tallmadge

    It didnt sound like gunshots on the last podcast and I havent heard anything else about it. At the same time I dont get the point if it is a bit.


    He’s in the hospital. So yea


    Clearly a bit. He said in the beginning of the ep that he’s going on vacation. Put it together dude. The show is a scripted POS now.


    It is just some dumb bit


    Yesterday’s LOS is in studio they were joking that he’s in critical condition or dead, Bobby Kelly isn’t on the joke he kept saying “But Ari isn’t dead!!!”, seems like The Stand wanted to seperate itself from LOS and Ari’s shenanigans because of bad press and dumbass people like sex pest, now the Skanks aren’t allowed at The Stand for the time being


    Edit: guess the stuff about the Stand not wanting them there was also a joke lol, The Stand twitter says they were closed to prepare for the election show

    Nick Giaculli

    Well considering it happened in the last 5 seconds of a 2 hour podcast And then they fucking aired it AND IT WASNT ON THE NATIONAL NEWS THAT ARI GOT SHOT PULL YOUR HEAD OUT YOUR ASS FAGGOT


    Ari is such a cheap Jew he probably pulled the bullet out of his own ass just so he could take it to the recycling center and get a penny for it. Fucking Jew.

    #Biden2020 #FuckJews #TrumpisHitler

    Fats domino

    Also you can see the fireworks in the video

    Ed Harman

    You’re right. Indeed, Ari did pull the bullet out himself. Ari is actually a much cheaper jew than we thought. He pulled the bullet out himself and, only he didn’t take it to the recycling center for a penny, he sold the bullet on the website eJew.


    My best guess is that Ari just used the presidency to dunk on Luis. But now that there is apparently responsibility that goes along with it such as being involved fairly often with skanks in some way (and probably not getting paid for it), he just told them last minute before the trial show that no matter what happened with the trial, he was going to fake his death and fuck off for awhile so he can do his own thing. He pretty much did that after he lost a sober October bet between him, rogan, bert and tom. He’s kind of a cunning little Jew in that sense.


    How do we move forward as a society if this is a real thread

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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