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Dave quits LOS

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    Wellp, I might be done with Skanks. They needed Dave as the straight man. Guess I’ll stick to RAP and the Bonfire, because Jay and Luis are better separate.



    owen harrison

    imagine thinking the show is gonna be worse without dave


    Imagine being a faggot


    OP Thats literally the dumbest take I’ve ever heard. Luis and Jay are legion of skanks. Dave makes me laugh once every 50-100 episodes, I think they’ll be fine. This isn’t even as bad as if Adam Friedland left CumTown cause Adam is a source for their jokes, unlike Dave who they can’t even really make fun of. This is possibly/probably going to make the show twice as good. Dave’s best times were the election and trial and it makes sense he’d go into that. it’ll be better for all of them.

    Chad Barfvark

    I like Dave. I’ll still watch Skanks. I’m just surprised someone would quit a job that takes 3 hours a week of talking to your bros and rakes in the cash. Insane.


    I don’t think Dave is actually leaving the show- it’s probably temporary while he runs for office or some shit.

    Clayton Mcdowell

    He probably wasent on that show cause he was busy in texas doing rogan


    I don’t imagine that we’re not gonna see Dave anymore but I’ll admit his straight man one liners brought alot more to the table than people realize and we’re gonna miss him while he’s gone

    What I’m really worried about is his ideological religion getting southern-baptist-evangelical levels of annoying now that it’s going to be the entire focus of his professional career


    He did not actually quit retard

    Michael Hansen

    He didn’t quit. It was literally a joke because he was out of town. God. Yall are way too autistic

    Timothy Grant

    Anybody who believes Dave quit probably believed Ari got shot after the trial to. He’ll be back on Monday, he was in Texas for rogan. Kindly remove yourselves from the gene pool you morons

    Chad Barfvark

    Ari wasn’t shot?


    Idk guys we’ll find out tomorrow but he even said he was thinking about running for president on his great JRE appearance. I hope he’s not leaving he seems to be the only thing keeping jay and Luis from totally hating each other.


    I highly doubt Dave actually quit, Dave missed a Zoom show to do Rogan and probably is speaking at some libertarian festival soon so is taking Monday off too, and Luis is making it into a bit.

    If Dave was leaving a show he did for a decade he’d come on the show and say his goodbyes. He wouldn’t just ghost and have Luis say he’s running for office.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 23 total)
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