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    For the sake of your friendships, Luis, cut Random out of your life. You learn this as early as high school that you can’t make some people cool, no matter how many parties you bring them to.


    I was bummed to hear that Zac wasn’t on the show. Then Random’s dumb ass voice popped up. Then I was like “Ahhhhh. That makes sense”. I wish Gomez would’ve said flat out that Zac did’t want to be on the show with Marky Mark. You know, just so he knows his fucking place.

    Everything you could say about Mark’s been said before so I won’t rehash any of it. What I will say is this – what the fuck is with people on the spectrum and being angsty well into adulthood?

    Mark’s like the shadow version of King Cobra JFS. Same Hot Topic style and attitude. Same mental illnesses. Fuck he’s annoying.

    I loved the LOS sub, but I’m pretty happy about not seeing Random self promote on his account, and his “publisher’s” account. Dude’s such a fucking loser.


    If Luis wants to have this guy on a show it should just be Mark in a room with venomous snakes.

    Oh man if there was anything in the world to see it would be Mark on SDR sitting right next to some pornographer having an insertion contest just to see him melt down at the 1st he sees a pussy irl. He should have been the guy kissing butt plugs.

    Part of me has pity for him because he will never have a shot at an actual life. Its going to be what you see now util the end of time. No mental growth from 12 to infinity. What a poor soul.

    sidebar: Kerryn did let that homo get under his skin. big oof.
    also Does Kerryn have a lazy eye?


    At this point, this is a Luis problem. No one. Not one person, likes Mark. Luis, your co-host leaves the show for fucks sake. Whatever nostalgia Luis has for Mark’s character/personality type is his own thing to deal with. He’s tanking episodes to be nice to this dude.

    Chigurh Face

    I didn’t mind Mark at all (kind of enjoyed it) and if Zac didn’t show because of that guy, I lost some respect for Zac


    He really showed how narcissistic he is. He firstly takes everyone not saying he’s funny as them not liking his “genius”, and the fact that he’s had more specials no one knows about than funnier comics shows he’s not a comedian. He then tries to “be nice” in the lamest of ways: to get people that hate him to like him.

    Luis reminds me of a person I used to know that purposefully got people that were uncomfortable around each other to hang out, it’s just a psychotic trait of Luis, and sure it’s technically funny, but it turns a funny podcast into an unfunny one.

    Laphroaig Jack

    He’s fine, I dont think id ever be caught defending Random this much, but the pure hate is so weird. You’re fucking adults, you dont like the episode, skip it. He makes for weird, awkard episodes and theres always the chance of something insane happening.

    Louis isn’t reinventing the wheel here, Its literally what numerous other shock jocks and morningzoo stations have done with wack-pack type characters.


    Random will never be an Eric the midget or Lady Di. Most people will skip the episode, that doesn’t mean the ones who watch can’t complain.

    Take your own advice and move on from defending someone people will never change their minds on. Random has a weird energy and a shit personality that must be an acquired taste.

    Keith Bond☑️

    Disagree, RaNDoM is the man.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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