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    I live in Australia and my Sunday evenings have enjoyed ‘can’t get right’. Only here and there though, since it has been spotty with making it available. Can you put some effort to keeping the schedule you post on your website accurate?

    Elijah Olig

    No shit aye. Multiple times I’ve been out getting plastered with the lads, stumbled home, checked the time, saw it was 1AM and thought “FUCK YEAH!!! RAP IS ON MOTHERFUCKER!!!”, got baked, and then proceeded to wait for a show that never came…

    It happens almost every time I see a show coming up. I go to the ‘Live’ viewing and the “Stream Is Unavailable” or offline or whatever horseshit.

    I have NO IDEA why people pay for this. Nothing EVER goes live on time, half the episodes are uploaded DAYS after the fact, and I could have simply just timed my schedule around YouTube instead, with the added benefit of it ALWAYS being on time AND in 1080p. At least that way I’m not sat waiting like some fucking dork for a show schedule that’s frequently more innacurate than accurate.

    Its a dead-set waste of time and it’s fucking crazy that they still urge people to subscribe to this site KNOWING that it’s a hunk of shit.

    Luis, you and Ralph are cooked mate.
    Yeah nah get fucked ya bloody leeches.
    I’m out ma nigga. Fuck this website.


    yea I dont get it. it comes out in 1080 p on YouTube the same time it comes out on gas. and who the fuck is waiting around to watch it on a sat night/afternoon.

    fix this please sir


    Lol you’re a limey faggot, nobody gives a shit, kick rocks crybaby

    Elijah Olig

    Limey is a slur for British people you uneducated retard.
    Which leads me to believe you’re American, right?
    You know words only hurt in your country, right?
    Rest of the world follows the ‘sticks and stones song’ you guys appear to have lost to the sands of time…

    Oh and how’s the civil war going? I hear that Biden is like super chill and everyone is super happy.
    I mean, apart from the hundreds of thousands of COVID deaths you guys had because you were too retarded to wash your hands and isolate for 2 weeks. I hear some of you human landfills are even dying from the vaccine you guys rolled out at warpspeed too? Who woulda thunk it.

    Can you smell death in the air?
    Does is smell like the end of an empire?
    Did you lose someone close to you?
    Do you not have friends to kick rocks with anymore?
    That’s so sad oh no…

    Get dead maggot

    Harold Berkstresser

    I am most disturbed by not bieng able to get right today – It’s Sunday….where is yesterdays ep? I’m fine cancelling….

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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