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Can you for once try and provide a quality product?


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    Michael Hansen

    For 6 months now almost every show shows up 4 to 7 days late on the website, which basically entirely removed the reason for being a gas member. I guess we are just retarded and loyal.

    Now the live chat is broken for basically half of all paying members, but Luis goes “oh the ones in the chat say it’s fine”. Great. The guy were paying doesn’t even understand basic context.

    Please fix your shit. Please fix your live chat. What is the fucking excuse when you keep fucking up the exact same thing for years and years?


    Facts Los was unwatchable

    Ed Harman

    I concur with both posters thus far. It’s getting tired really fucking fast. What’s the benefit of being a subscriber, making these guys rich and we’re not even getting what we are supposed to. Sometimes when the shit’s not working it makes me wanna throw my laptop at the wall. I mean these guys are getting fucking rich off us G&S subscribers. Look at Luis, Dave, and Jay now and then look back at them in old episodes of Skanks. They have all moved into bigger and better places. Luis and Jay have bought new vehicles. We are sitting here with our thumbs up our asses trying to watch the shows on G&S with money we earned from our shit jobs and they cannot even give us the shit that we pay for half the time. Hey Dave, where’s the Libertarianism at here?


    idk from my view every once in a while they fuck up but i really dont have a lot of complaints. just upload LOS the night it happens and im good GAS!


    people like you are part of the problem…you get yours so who cares, then when they don’t do what it is that makes you happy you have no one to support you

    Every show, every single one and everyday the GAS staff screw up, start a show late, do lazy crap like 40 mins of crappy music before the show instead of editing, the rss feeds are a joke

    Luis and Ralph should pull their head out of their asses and make the site work



    I just unsubscribed after giving them a second chance (and paying full price monthly).

    I will come back when they get their shit together, upload times are shit, they need to cut out the shitty Heavy Metal and Rock and Roll lifestyle shows, we could give two fucks about aging rock stars, how old is the producer of this network? Are they stuck in a timewarp and think its 1999? After all we are getting a 1999 quality website.

    I won’t miss not being able to block people in the racist live chat posting the gayest shit ever. Good bye Retards.


    no and also go fuck yourself doggie


    does kurt even do cant get right anymore? hes had like 2 episodes in the last month.


    I suppose this is what happens when your staff is full of fan interns… sure some of the employees are quite talented at what they do, but do any of them actually have a qualified background in building and maintaining functional websites?

    like who is the webmaster at GAS? is the webmaster even a staff member? or is it just an outsider that they contact when they want changes made to the site/updates and fixes…

    I have no idea what the situation is at GAS but maybe its time Ralph and Gomez dig deep in there pockets and hire someone with the tech skills and background to keep the site properly functioning, these tech issues are far to frequent for a site as big as GAS with so many employees on either side of the camera…
    after a year or 2 now as a GAS subscriber I finally understand why MSSP, Tim Dillon, The Boyscast and various other GAS affiliate podcasts want nothing to do with the GAS network… besides making more money as an independently owned pod, its also not worth the hassle and headache of constantly disappointing your fanbase with a subpar product.

    Gallagher 3

    Shift airing of GAS grievances into live chat, we know Luis sees it and doesn’t love usernames disturbing his ruler character on his show.

    Forum complaints carry weight equivalent of living in tent on Harrington’s lawn. I want less bitching, as result of GAS having less to bitch about plus more bots on essay writing mistakes. Idk any of you or wanna be the coombia loser, just think when your money goes to pods behind pay walls, there’s different expectations from million free pods. Longshot it helps, throwing it out there anyway.

    Pras Ali

    Luis has literally said that he’s not going to invest more money into the tech side until the userbase grows. The problem is, the tech issues are likely causing people to not retain their membership after trial and possibly even not renew their subscriptions.

    Also, it’s not just the stream issues, it’s the upload time for episodes that hosts have put effort into building a fanbase for. That’s a staffing issue. They really need to hire a view basic, boring interns that don’t need to do anything on air who will handle shit on time. Roles need to be made clear as well.

    Michael Hansen

    @Prqs Ali thats the bigger issue to me. All the episodes are AlWAYS days late. I’ve had to message Chris from BK,Feeney, etc and they’re always surprised that the eps aren’t up, and then magically an hour later they are. I guarantee they’re calling the producers and asking them where the fuck the ep is, then they finally do their job. They are too lazy to do it and have no incentive to do better. Hutch even said it wouldn’t ever happen again months ago, and it’s happened basically weekly for 5 different shows since.


    I’m just gonna start flagging their youtube videos and send videos of Luis threatening people and spewing hate speech to airlines and try and get him on a no fly list


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