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Are They Garbage?

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    Magister Ludi

    Hey what’s this I’m hearing about Are You Garbage podcast leaving GaS? What’s happening with then


    They got popular enough that they can open a patreon and get paid like Tim Dillon did

    Nick Giaculli

    Tim dillon is blowing the fuck up. He be back on crack in no time. That lil xan podcast was shit


    I get why they open a Patreon. Don’t get why they disconnect from Gas website.


    I legit don’t have too much interest in following ’em after jumping ship so quickly. Tim made sense and he put time in. These dudes were here for all of three months and bounced.

    Foley’s always going to be a great guest and I’ll tune in any time he’s on a GaS show but outside of that, eh fuck ’em.

    Nick Giaculli

    Did they go to Another network or they just straight patreon now? If they r making enough money to survive off patreon I should quit my job cuz they r average af


    They’ve already blown thru a huge portion of the best comics as guests I don’t know which way they’re headed now without getting stale…YouTubers, influencers, and soundcloud rappers? Lol

    Also the gasdigital deal probably was good pre-covid but with less stand up gig’s = less money in the pocket, it was the best thing for them to try to survive

    Evil Mike

    I realize Kevin’s hair plugs are probably expensive . But it was a very garbage business decision. I don’t see them lasting 6 months on Patreon , The talent pool of comics willing to come on is drying up faster than Shannon’s pussy when Luis hits on her. They aren’t gonna be able to get a bunch of the “Woke Comics” to talk about their childhood , damn sure not call or admit they are garbage. Hell the might get canceled the first time they have one of these pussies on. With the cuts Trump has been talking about imposing to the Food Stamp program , Foley is a gonna starve for sure. Poor guy I always thought he was the entertaining one of the two.


    I like them, and I don’t think what they did was wrong, but their Patreon model is asking for $5/month JUST for the audio. You have to pay $10/month for the audio and video. I feel like that’s gonna be a huge downfall for them.


    Five books for the audio? That’s fuckin’ batshit.

    They should be going Shat Digital style – one buck minimum with a few tiers for people who really want to support them.

    Chris Wood, Dad Meat, and Matt & Shane are getting my cash regularly with that model.


    They went back to how they originally were and have always planned on.


    It does bother me them leaving. I do love the podcast watched all the ones with the comics I liked. Reading here $10 bucks for video that’s a lot. I really do hope though they get all they pursue.


    Patroen takes 1/3 of their money and is a shitty censoring platform.


    They’re an ok podcast, not worth paying for. I’d be paying $100 a month if I had to pay for all these different Patreon podcasts. I don’t mind doing it for a couple really good ones but I’m happy let all these average podcasts fall off my list.


    Their “Are you garbage” shtick has already gotten old. Good riddance

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 29 total)
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