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    Bored of Luis’s victim mentality? Like, dude get over it. You’re not some miraculous story. You had a shitty childhood, woopdeedoo. A lot of ppl have it far worse, yet Luis is constantly measuring everything against his mommy and daddy. Luis you’re lame as fuck and heading down a similar path to all these bbylibrals. You’re also raising a faggot.


    It can be tiresome to listen to a wor is me routine. I think it’s Luis way of patting himself on the back and justifying his behaviours. Trauma as a child is a heavy topic.


    I honestly like hearing the stories…I grew up in a rich white family so it’s entertaining for me to hear about the trash he came from lmao

    Nick Giaculli

    I think it’s pretty fucking miraculous. I hang around ppl who had similar childhoods all the time and they doing drugs…in and out of jail, afraid to take a chance …slinging ice and dope
    Luis is raising his kid incredibly well
    He owns a business
    He keeps all that shit together while obviously doing coke

    You try to fill 20 hrs a week podcasting lmk if u repeat the same shit now and then

    Yay Jokerson

    I dont mind it, he gets some good bits out of it. When it turns into a therapy sesh though, thats a drag.


    Yeah well how many times did your Dad get stabbed?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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