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Look dude, I’m not trying to act like some hot shot… I have a few things going for me, but the pandemic definitely put a lot of us in a bad spot including myself. On a positive note the pandemic helped grow this show’s audience significantly and Dave has become an even more important voice in the liberty movement, so as someone who supports the show and cares about the message I think my point is legitimate and coming from a good place. Most of the audience are in a situation where if they aren’t gonna show up for work, they at least have to spend a few seconds texting their employer to let them know. I know Dave is a rising star, but this is basic stuff. I’m a regular dude who just wants to see the show continue to do well so that’s where I’m coming from. Maybe you think this is just pathetic whining from a loser who has nothing better to do. Even if you’re right, I will say that telling strangers on the internet that they are losers on a rarely used web forum doesn’t exactly look that great either. Maybe we should try and not act like dicks to each other?