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B Rogers left zero doubt in the forum that he:
1) Has been a die hard fan for a long time.
2) is NOT homosexual, even though post didn’t allude to gay, confirmed his brain has no homo thoughts about Luis dating and probably listened to a Lil Wayne album.
3) Believes in same values as us cool cats, but he’s hardcore and repulsed jew girlfriends exist, especially for a non-jewish guy that he idolizes (but doesn’t admit because he has superhuman toughness). Discussion necessary.
4) If there’s pieces in the vicinity, you bet your ass they are getting put together.
5) Hears rumors
6) Confirms rumors

Dude, I just want to get on your good side. I’m going to tell @ass_bag that B-Rog is cool, you’ll never have to dox him, a real ass no dox dude. You listen to the show, notice stuff most overlook, know comedy, have a genius mind, hate jews AND DEFINITELY, 1000% WON’T EVER TRY TO FUCK ME BECAUSE HE’S NOT A FAG. Obviously I feel insecure knowing a mentally & physically superior man is in the forum too, but I got the vibe he’s a super cool dude that I should reply “holy shit, you’re right” to posts and give praise to in hopes we will be my friend! Great Clips shaved heads BOGO sale buds, I’ll buy one and B Rogers gets one 1/2 off….No Homo