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I was bummed to hear that Zac wasn’t on the show. Then Random’s dumb ass voice popped up. Then I was like “Ahhhhh. That makes sense”. I wish Gomez would’ve said flat out that Zac did’t want to be on the show with Marky Mark. You know, just so he knows his fucking place.

Everything you could say about Mark’s been said before so I won’t rehash any of it. What I will say is this – what the fuck is with people on the spectrum and being angsty well into adulthood?

Mark’s like the shadow version of King Cobra JFS. Same Hot Topic style and attitude. Same mental illnesses. Fuck he’s annoying.

I loved the LOS sub, but I’m pretty happy about not seeing Random self promote on his account, and his “publisher’s” account. Dude’s such a fucking loser.