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Chloe on RAP: “raaaayypee aborshun im straaaannnge”

Chrissie Mayr knows how to do improv. Great guest. Natalie Cuomo – fire titties and pretty face. Great guest. Kerryn Feehan somehow developed into a funny bitch with great zingers. Great guest.

Chloe is boring as fuck. I think it’s a lot about me getting older but low hanging edgy shit doesn’t cut it anymore. I hate it when Berg or Gino do it, and I don’t like it when Chloe does it. When Gomez, Zac, or 90 percent of the other guests do it they at least have a track record of being funny. Chloe doesn’t have that.

She’s like Bamford but not good.

Plus that bitch is greasy as fuck in every episode.