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Couldn’t agree more with the first two posts. After AYG left I was really looking forward to the next new show in the GAS-D universe. While I also agree with “It’s Cam” comment about “Something for everyone”, DH seems like an extremely acquired taste more akin to the Wrestling shows on the network. Maybe it’s because I’m a relatively new subscriber but I find it hard to digest DH after being on (and now off) the AYG bandwagon.

Totally agree with everything said about WAC with the exception of DeRosa. I’ve listened to his “Down with Joe DeRosa” podcast, his “Uninformed” podcast with Bill Burr, his specials, and seen his standup and generally enjoy his brand of comedy. You have to admit his part on the whole Skanks thing was hilarious. I think WAC is the complete opposite of what DeRosa should be doing on the network. Discussing politics (with CF!) is such a sharp turn from what he’s previously done it’s utterly disappointing. GAS-D is wasting his talent.