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Luis and Ralph (but probably Luis) seem to think that the best way to improve GaS is just to fund more podcasts, regardless of quality or viewership. I mean seriously, Corinne Fisher? Why would you give a podcast on GaS to someone who is part of the very group of people trying to cancel and ban offensive comedy? What sort of Girls We Fucked fan would come to GaS? And what sort of GaS fans want uninformed, unfunny leftist political takes from an ugly woman and an even uglier man?

The platform has more than enough content. Between Skanks, RAP, Spookshow, High Society Radio and some of the smaller ones like Can’t Get Right, No Apologies etc you have plenty of reasons for people to subscribe already. They need to focus on making the experience better for subscribers, not trying to entice new subscribers with bad content that won’t actually entice anyone.

Sure, getting Bonfire would be massive. As would having other GOOD podcasts like AYG (which somehow GaS managed to lose almost as quickly as they signed on). But having more podcasts with people nobody likes or cares about doesn’t help. If adding Without a Country and HAWK to this network added more than a handful of subcribers, I’ll eat my hat.