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LOS is always the draw.
NDP w/Silver
RAP is a mixed bag. When it’s good it sits third.
NDP w/o Silver

I think NDP should be ranked higher.

Vecchione and Silver had great chemistry as they played this strange game where they courted Shannon’s favor as to whatever argument was on the table.

I hope Silver is doing well, and I don’t understand why he ghosted. My hope is that, if he wanted to come back, that would be possible.

That is funny how many of the comments bag on Big Jay, “I hate how Big Jay acts like Big Jay. He puffs up a little, to comedic effect, and then suddenly deflates into a self-deprecating sort of safe-space.”

That’s Big Jay’s entire thing! He takes his well-chosen shots, and then defuses them by taking shots at himself. It’s a pretty common comedic technique…