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You are my Ron Paul. Don’t get a swelled head, you’re not as great as Ron, it’s just that I got my first exposure to Libertarianism from POTP. My daughter turned me on to you.

I have a couple of questions that you and your research team may answer for me:
1) Can anyone name ONE problem or evil that was identified, and the government was tasked to fix and that the government actually fixed? Possibly solved, but at 10+ times the cost. Further, would the free market have solved it better and more cost-efficient. One of my idiot leftist friends said “World war I and World War II” to which I answered “You don’t praise the arsonist for putting out the fire”

2) I haven’t seen any of Biden’s speeches ending with “God Bless America.” He does bless “you” and “our troops” but never America. Seems he really does hate America. Or at least he does it to pander to his followers.

Another Dave