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i dont know shit about anything, neither do any of you, but heres a rundown IMHO

BYM- never even on anymore
YW- forgot it existed
MVI- ^ ” ” this but when i have watched it liked it
HSR- ^ ” ” this but when i have watched it, was bored
DH- jessica kirston is a monster at standup, shows too mediocre for its own good
JASTA- was watchable back when it was tour stories ect, now its unwatchable bottom tier conspiracy talk, he also uses a patreon based chat which not only goes against the supposed rules but costs more than a GaS sub
TTIS- ok guest dependant
WAC- was bad when it was derosa shooting his mouth off, became a completely unwatchable trainwreck of strawman arguments, hypocrisy, and boredom
GODFREY – another unwatchable one sided hypocrisy driven strawman argument after another, literally almost no viewers except for a handful of white leftovers from previous shows or popped in just to sit there and rip on him or chat with the show muted godfrey
NFR- like jastas show used to be but too boring for its own good
BIGUYS- ok, overrated RAP
RAP- ok, overrated LOS
LOS- is what it is but been going downhill since the election/covid
SDR- used to be one of my favorites on here, has deteriorated into a boring who’s who of nobodies and i think Jay’s done, atleast pull more porn stars or chicks who get naked if its nobody with nothing to say
POTP- ok for what it is, dave takes off too much anymore
NNFA- fine but GaS needs to hook them up with a better time slot and better guests cause derek and dave and funny motherfuckers and better than the lack of attention and promotion they receive
STF- not sure what this is supposed to be, another messy show where somoene quasi-famous assumed they could “do a podcast” but really cant carry it
BT- ok but rarely has structure or any preshow work put into it and it shows, half the time they riff on whatever but it goes nowhere
CGR- decent show, kurt is super underrated in general and i blame zero promotion and crappy guests on both kurt and GaS
ZASS- great show, needs better guests