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I always enjoy a guest show. The regular guests can make or break a show, everyone has there good and bad appearances… even some of the best like Shane Gillis, Mark Normand etc have had bad skanks shows.

I’d say Ari is one of the most consistently entertaining guests, being the least predictable of all the regs… like he’s predictable in the sense you know he’ll likely attempt to do something crazy and chaos causing but what he chooses to do is always a surprise… from shitting in a box as a present for Jay, dosing Jay, spreading his ass for the boi’s etc etc
And even as a long time JRE fan, I was never much of an Ari fan until I started watching him on Skanks and now hes one of my favs to see on skanks.

I’d love to see some fresh meat on Skanks, Bobby Lee would be great… I dont know how much he knows and likes Dave/Luis but hes a longtime friend of Big Jays and to my knowledge never done skanks, Jays gotta work his charm and get Bobo on the show… Steebee weebee and Bobby lee should be judges of the homemade pocket pussy contest.

Although im not a big fan of Joey coco diaz myself, I know folks have requested him for awhile now and I think he’d fit into the show well and bring some edgy humor along with him.

Jessica Kirson especially as Matt would fit in to the show, Matt killed on RAP with Mark Random, Matt’s a total show stealer imo… Matt and Doug Bell might make for an interesting show…

Seems like awhile since Kurt was last on a skanks show, They should for sure try to get Kyle Dunnigan to do a zoom show as a character or two of his… Luis hitting on AOC, Dave talking politics with Biden, Ben Shapiro… his Kaitlyn Jenner would kill along with the other kardishian impressions… Musk? heck even his Pete Davidson impression would be jokes knowing that Pete wont do LOS anymore.

Dave Attel is always a fun guest when he appears on Skanks, hes one of the few that kinda throws Jay off his game Jay imo, like Jay has so much love and respect for attel hes one of the few guests that makes Jay a bit nervous even after years of friendship, like it seems he still has a strong want and need to impress Attel more so then any other guest.

Stanhope at a live skanks show would nice to see happen, especially along side his salt life buddy Shane Gillis.

Honestly I kinda doubt hed do it, but id like to see Tom Green live with the skank boi’s… he did a zoom show with them early in the pandemic i believe and I think hed make for an interesting live guest, but he might not have enough edge to his comedy anymore, I recall him being slightly offended/annoyed by the things said during his zoom show with MSSP and I believe the same happened with the skanks zoom show he did… but with fans laughing and cheering along he might have a different reaction then the ackwardness of edgy jokes being said during a zoom show.

How they havent set up Tony Hinchcliffe to appear with Dalton is beyond me, I figured that would be a given after Daltons roast of Tony on Skanks awhile back.
Heck, id even like to see Jetski Johnson appear on Skanks although I dont know how well she’d fit in with the bois but I was always a fan of her as a member of the Kill Tony Band.

My dream guest on any pod is always the one and only Norm Macdonald, been dying to see him do JRE or Tigerbelly, or anything with Mark Normand….
Obviously I dont think hed ever actually do skanks since it is the “most offensive podcast on earth” and not at all Norms comedy scene but that would be my all time dream guest, just him showing up to a skanks show would be shocking let alone if he stayed around and actually participate with there nonsense… If someone was on like Sal there may be a 1% chance Norm Macdonald could be convinced to come and that the skanks wouldnt do nothing to crazy since Sal does have the most to lose of all the skank guests… Mark Normand, Norm Macdonald and Sal vulcano all together would be one heck of a show, though I highly doubt it would ever happen if by some miracle the skanks ever were able to pull it off, that would be an ultimate dream show of mine.