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Hell i’d go as to say you’re a stupid asshole if you genuinely think that the zoom shows are more enjoyable than the live shows, the problem isn’t wither or not they have guests, but that they only ever have the same 6-8 people on, most of whom have nothing different to say since the last time they were on, its more back when they treated the show more like they were just hanging out it was alot funnier, more organic, and full of suprises, now that they treat it more like a show there’s more fuck ups than ever in production, less guests, a shittier audiences who seem like they wandered in lost off the street half the time, and virtually zero surprises because its become so formulaic that it feels like they just going through the motions now, start the show, introduce guest for 10-15mins and quick plugs, recap whos picking on them this week for 30-40 min, plugs, current events that didn’t get used for RAP for an hour, something gay, something racist, plugs before or after momentum peters out around 1:15:00 1:30:00, episode suddenly ends…. for zoom shows, remove the guest and extend the “recap who’s picking on us this week” section to a solid hour,