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showing up st your job 3 hours a week just to record unprepared off the cuff into a camera isn’t much to ask, there’s physically no excuse for how pisspoor ethics of having the balls to put up a paywall. just to shove it up the ass of the subscribers, because the biggest fuck you is the dead air that we get, like i know its too much to ask a production crew who cant be bothered to show up what 15 mins early to an event to do shit like mic checks or whitebalence the lighting, to cut something together for a replacement, we dont even get randomly picked reruns because nobody gives a shit, just deadair for 8-9 bucks a month, like how much effort would it take to make a list of staff picked favorite episodes pf the various shows and if something comes up just pick one from the list (or just fucking make it up nobody would even know, and toss kt on. fuck, wither ive seen it or not i could cut an entire themed clip show compilation episode with a days notice, likely get a random segmented clipshow done cut and streamed in 2-3 hours notice, and in a an emergency situation i could probably cut SOMETHING to air in an hour or less and i dont even do production for a living just for fun so i know its 100% doable and within reason