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Lots of podcasts that shouldnt last are buoyed by Patreon. OP is a fucking retard, what is Dalton going to end the Patreon money to angle for a job on SNL?

Or do you think he will ride the podcast forever and sell out on the road forever, like Shane? That’s what I think.

Look at Shane Gillis, more talented than anybody, clearly doesn’t give a fuck about the podcast anymore, finds time to put out an episode once a week to keep the $30k a month coming in.

Dalton and Shane have 0 prospects from a network. They will never have a deal with Netflix. They can make bank from Patreon for phoning in a podcast, and they can sell out clubs across the country, that’s their career.

Shane has a small chance of pivoting to a sketch show with new media, but it’s podcasts and road gigs as the ceiling forever until something changes culturally.