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Ed Harman

Yeah her tits were a huge disappointment. Now Luis is taking her on the road everywhere with him. He bumped Collum Tyrell from the feature act and put Natalie in as feature and made the club booker do it. They talked about it on RAP yesterday the 7th. Collum was pissed at the booker though I’m sure he knew it was actually Luis that did it. Zac has a look of complete disgust and “not another one of these whores” again. Luis is fucking pathetic with these unfunny female comics. Like @K5Fuzion said above, the RAP with Dalton and Natalie was fucking unreal. The way Luis was already saying that he has fell in love with her and already calling her babe and shit like that. Jesus Christ, after seeing her naked pics she dropped down in points. That’s saying alot. It should be the exact opposite.