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Ed Harman

Yeah, the zoom shows are barely watchable nowadays. Especially w/no guests. When there’s no guest the show is;
1: They go over a couple videos that seem like they were given to the staff mere seconds before start
time. Don’t know if that’s true or if the staff is just so fucking bad that they have trouble
getting the shit ready even though they have had advance knowledge of the videos and plenty of time
to get properly prepared.
2: Luis, Jay, and Dave simply discuss how broke they used to be and talk about all the things they have
purchased, or plan to purchase. They actually recently talked about how they used to worry about
how much drinks/cocktails were and that they would drink beers before going to a place because the
drinks were expensive there. Then they went on to say how ignorant they were because now they
wouldn’t care one bit to spend that amount for drinks. Not even considering in their narcissistic
fucking brains that a lot of there devoted listeners and fans are the ones having to budget their
money so they can have those drinks when they come to your guys shows and still pay their fuckin’
rent assholes.