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I suppose this is what happens when your staff is full of fan interns… sure some of the employees are quite talented at what they do, but do any of them actually have a qualified background in building and maintaining functional websites?

like who is the webmaster at GAS? is the webmaster even a staff member? or is it just an outsider that they contact when they want changes made to the site/updates and fixes…

I have no idea what the situation is at GAS but maybe its time Ralph and Gomez dig deep in there pockets and hire someone with the tech skills and background to keep the site properly functioning, these tech issues are far to frequent for a site as big as GAS with so many employees on either side of the camera…
after a year or 2 now as a GAS subscriber I finally understand why MSSP, Tim Dillon, The Boyscast and various other GAS affiliate podcasts want nothing to do with the GAS network… besides making more money as an independently owned pod, its also not worth the hassle and headache of constantly disappointing your fanbase with a subpar product.