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Ed Harman

As the original poster said, in the past few weeks the shows have been getting posted in somewhat of a timely manner. Ever since last weeks show with Myka Fox and Eric Bergstrom, the shows have taken anywhere from many hours to a complete day or so to be uploaded. On that show Ian spilled the beans about a lot of the producers were being taken off of shows that they have been producing for a long time and being replaced by a couple of engineers that are going to basically be doing all the shows. When Ian broke the news live on the show, Zac hadn’t even been fickin’ told about the change yet. Jesus Christ! When Zac asked Alex about it she seemed hesitant/afraid to talk about it live on air. What the fuck is going on at G&S Digital? Whomever made that decision most definitely did so in a perfunctory way? Especially without discussing it with the hosts of the fucking shows. It’s very unseemly. On this weeks Irish Goodbye, they talked about it for a minute or two, Feeney and Cannon brought Alex in for a second and had her kind of explain but all she did was cry about it. Seems she was blindsided by this as well. I don’t know about you guys but for some reason this really pisses me off, especially if this was done so they could pay out less money. What do you guys think???