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Elijah Olig

Limey is a slur for British people you uneducated retard.
Which leads me to believe you’re American, right?
You know words only hurt in your country, right?
Rest of the world follows the ‘sticks and stones song’ you guys appear to have lost to the sands of time…

Oh and how’s the civil war going? I hear that Biden is like super chill and everyone is super happy.
I mean, apart from the hundreds of thousands of COVID deaths you guys had because you were too retarded to wash your hands and isolate for 2 weeks. I hear some of you human landfills are even dying from the vaccine you guys rolled out at warpspeed too? Who woulda thunk it.

Can you smell death in the air?
Does is smell like the end of an empire?
Did you lose someone close to you?
Do you not have friends to kick rocks with anymore?
That’s so sad oh no…

Get dead maggot