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Elijah Olig

No shit aye. Multiple times I’ve been out getting plastered with the lads, stumbled home, checked the time, saw it was 1AM and thought “FUCK YEAH!!! RAP IS ON MOTHERFUCKER!!!”, got baked, and then proceeded to wait for a show that never came…

It happens almost every time I see a show coming up. I go to the ‘Live’ viewing and the “Stream Is Unavailable” or offline or whatever horseshit.

I have NO IDEA why people pay for this. Nothing EVER goes live on time, half the episodes are uploaded DAYS after the fact, and I could have simply just timed my schedule around YouTube instead, with the added benefit of it ALWAYS being on time AND in 1080p. At least that way I’m not sat waiting like some fucking dork for a show schedule that’s frequently more innacurate than accurate.

Its a dead-set waste of time and it’s fucking crazy that they still urge people to subscribe to this site KNOWING that it’s a hunk of shit.

Luis, you and Ralph are cooked mate.
Yeah nah get fucked ya bloody leeches.
I’m out ma nigga. Fuck this website.