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Elijah Olig

Nope. No RAP for a whole week, todays ep is up though. Either way I’ve cancelled my sub.
I’m done. It’s too much fuck around EVERY time I come to this site to WATCH THE FUCKING CONTENT WE PAY FOR.


No one can ever schedule themselves to listen to a live show listen because they’re NEVER on time.

“Hey you don’t mind waiting around 30 minutes for this thing right?”

“Oh you missed the live show because you didn’t wait around for ‘who the fuck knows how long’? Don’t worry. It’ll be uploaded in ‘the next hour to three days’.

I can’t be seen paying for this shit anymore…
What on Earth would my kids and grandkids ever think of me if they knew?

The scheduling was so bad I ended up watching some SDR to kill time and holy shit one last thing:

Who the fuck is Ralph Sutton? Like I get that he’s a business partner but like WHAT is he?
Is he a standup? According to Google and Wikipedia he’s a dead jazz pianist from 1922…

No shit, Google ‘Ralph Sutton’
It’s gotta hurt Googling yourself and finding out you’re the LESS famous Ralph Sutton.
Less famous than a borderline unknown Jazz Pianist from 1922 who’s been dead for two decades…

The only reason I ask WHAT he is (besides a creep) is because I’ve never laughed once at a single thing he’s said and was stuck wondering if that was ‘normal’ for the rest of you? Jay is there bringing the heat as per usual but like, what is Ralph’s purpose on shows? Because I’m not joking, OPIE is a better host, and I never thought I would ever say that about anyone EVER. Ralph is a monotone ogre that is in NO WAY FUNNY and I don’t understand why he’s on shows with other funny people. It’s like every show is his birthday and all the guests were paid to attend and therefore have to pretend they like him. THAT’S the energy I get from SDR.

Together with him and Luis constantly trying out his ‘Insightful Joe Rogan’ impression in-between relapses (which has never not stunk, kills any and all momentum in a bit and makes everyone visibly frustrated) it’s understandable why this whole network is soon for the birds…