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WAC #001 – We Can’t Even Clap in Theaters Anymore_

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Comedians and Liberals gone rogue Joe DeRosa and Corinne Fisher discuss controversial news stories using sources from the extreme right and the extreme left, finding an unhappy middle ground. Today’s topics include: the Oxford clapping ban, refusing to perform medical treatments based on religious value, Kanye bein’ Kanye, California fires, and trans athletes. PLUS: Corinne wants England to mind its own fuckin business and Joe is curious how you would kill yourself. Everyone is welcome, no one will be canceled. #AbortionAF WHERE YOU CAN ANNOY US: Corinne Fisher: @PhilanthropyGal Joe DeRosa: @JoeDeRosaComedy Editor: @MikeCoscarelli Videography: @TheMHarrington Special Thanks: @TheStandNYC & Joe Herary

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