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TTI #184 – Corey Glover & Rob Mailloux

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Corey Glover lead singer of Living Colour and comedian Rob Mailloux join Shannon, Matty, and Nate on an all new The Thing Is…! On this one Corey tells us about a bad date that involves an exploding car, which ends way better than you would expect! Then Rob tells us how to stop a mushroom trip dead in its tracks, and his date also has an exploding car in it, this one is wild! Corey also tells us about a house he used to live in that was for sure haunted, and Rob tells us about the billionaire psychic vampires that run the world, Check this one out! Follow The Show @cRevDaddyLove, @Roblovesarguing, @Shannonlee6982, @Jesterskulls, @bmackayisright, @TheThingIsShow, @kickinitpod @GaSDigital this episode streamed on 6.8.20

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