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Subway #013 – “The Subway Chainsaw Massacre” (Guest: Haley Kalil)

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This week on Subway Creatures, Kim Congdon is out of town so Rick and Freddie are joined in studio by Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Haley Kalil! Haley has a bad first impression on Freddie, as he got her working credentials a bit crossed, upon their introduction to each other. Being a good sport, Haley let Freddie’s mistake roll off her back, and the 3 of them had great chemistry throughout the rest of the episode. Haley shared tales of growing up as the ugly duckling in the west boondocks of Minnesota, to one day becoming a semi finalist to the Miss America pageant, and currently a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model with the possibility of being their cover model. YET even with a gorgeous woman in studio, the boys will be boys, as the topics range from nasty bathroom behaviors, to bugs on a train! ALSO find out what they would do if a psychotic passenger boarded their subway car with a chainsaw! All that and more on this week’s episode of Subway Creatures! Follow Our Guest on Instagram: Haley Kalil – https://www.instagram.com/Haleyybaybee Follow the whole show on Instagram: Subway Creatures – https://www.instagram.com/SubwayCreatures/ Rick MCGuire – https://www.instagram.com/rmcguire13/ Kim Congdon – https://www.instagram.com/kimcongdon/ Freddie B – https://www.instagram.com/freddiebtv/ Links From The Show: CLIP OF THE WEEK: Adam Sandler Look-A-Like – https://www.instagram.com/p/BpZsLQEAPQa/ Outro Song by Felipe Pavani – https://www.instagram.com/felipepavanizero9/ You can watch LIVE and FREE every Thursday at 12pm est ONLY on http://www.GaSDigitalNetwork.com/Live. If you missed the live episode, you can sign up to the network and get our entire archive in full HD, join the live chat, message boards, plus access to every show available on the network! Just visit http://www.GaSDigitalNetwork.com/Subway and use promo code SUBWAY to get a 14 day free trial and 15% off at sign up. This episode was broadcast on November 1st 2018

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