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Show #394 Joe Manganiello (Actor) – Meth-od Acting

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Joe Manganiello (known for True Blood, Shoplifters Of The World, Magic Mike, Spider-Man and many more) joins Ralph Sutton and James L. Mattern and they discuss his new movie “Shoplifters Of The World” and it’s basis in reality, which artist/band is Joe Manganiello’s all-time favorite, working in superhero movies, his weekly Dungeons and Dragons games with other celebrities, his wife – Sophia Vergara’s – upcoming animated movie “Koati,” Joe Manganiello’s street wear line “Death Saves,” whether tall people die sooner or not, Joe Manganiello’s first concert, first drug and first sexual experience and so much more! (Air Date: April 14th, 2021) Follow the whole show: @JoeManganiello, @IAmRalphSutton, @TheJamesMattern, @TheSDRShow, @ShannonLee6982, @GaSDigital, @Ani_Moush

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