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Show #381 Jason Bieler (Singer) – I Blame You

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Jason Bieler (formerly of Saigon Kick) joins Ralph Sutton and Dave Landau and they discuss Jason Bieler’s new album “Songs For The Apocalypse,” the photoshopped picture of James that fooled Ralph, what “Saigon Kick” means, how the members of the band came together, how public opinion changes on genres of music, opening for Ozzy Osbourne, advice for a young guitarist, Jason Bieler’s first concert, first drug and first sexual experience, a live performance of “The Lizard” and so much more! (Air Date: February 27th, 2021) Follow the whole show: @JasonBieler, @IAmRalphSutton, @LandauDave, @TheSDRShow, @ShannonLee6982, @GaSDigital

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