Show #311 Spencer Grammer (Rick And Morty) – MFA: Mother F**kin Artist

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Spencer Grammer (voice of “Summer” on Rick and Morty) joins Ralph Sutton and guest co-host Geno Bisconte and they discuss Spencer’s New York roots, homeschooling her son, thoughts on Covid and mask-wearing, being on Cheers as a child with her father Kelsey Grammer, people who take the details of Rick And Morty too seriously, the show’s success, identifying with her character, the 9/11 joke controversy, how the show is recorded, Spencer’s Firsts and so much more!Follow the whole show: @SpencerGrammer, @DiamondEugene1, @IAmRalphSutton, @TheSDRShow, @ShannonLee6982, @GaSDigital

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