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Show #199 The Dead Daisies (John Corabi & Doug Aldrich) – Rockford Files

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This week Ralph Sutton and James L. Mattern (in Big Jay’s place) are joined by members of the band The Dead Daisies – John Corabi and Doug Aldrich and they discuss Game Of Thrones and James’s podcast about the show, Ralph’s latest Dick Tale, how women age vs. men, how John and Doug met, the creation of The Dead Daisies, the Tour Bus anniversary, terrestrial radio, John’s time in Motley Crue, meeting heroes, a live performance by the band, their Firsts and so much more! Follow the whole show: @Crablegs59, @Douglas_Aldrich, @IAmRalphSutton, @JamesLMattern, @TheSDRShow, @GaSDigital, @MissLainie, @IMShannonLee

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