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Show #184 Corey Glover & Bill Schulz (Vocalist -Living Colour & TV/Radio Personality) – Various Degrees Of Losing

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This week Ralph Sutton is joined by Corey Glover (Lead Vocalist of Living Colour) sitting in as cohost for Big Jay Oakerson along with guest Bill Schulz (Formerly of Fox’s Red Eye and host of Mornin on Compound Media!  They get into Bill starting off the night by shedding some blood, how different liquors effect people differently, Bill’s transition into radio from Red Eye, Corey weighs in on Ralph and Jay’s performance with Skid Row, Ralph’s dating story that drives Corey to drink, dating younger girls, Corey’s new album, how Amy Schumer may have sh*t on Bill, the Firsts and so much more! Follow the whole show: @RevDaddyLove, @BillSchulz, @IAmRalphSutton, @BigJayOakerson, @TheSDRShow, @GaSDigital, @MissLainie, @IMShannonLee

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