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Show #100 Von Decarlo (Patrice O’neal’s widow) – 3way or the highway

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SADLY VIDEO was lost – but better this than nothing 🙁 This week is our 100th episode… no fanfare, no party – we’ll wait till the 2 year anniversary for that one.. Instead – Patrice O’neal’s widow, Von Decarlo comes in to talk about his life. Patrice was very important to Big Jay, and was somewhat of a mentor in his comedy career. They swap stories about Patrice, and Von discusses quite openly their relationship and their 3somes and more. This was fun and extremely engaging conversation. Remember – if you want to watch it live as it happens you can tune in every Monday night 9PM ET at www.theSDRshow.com/LIVE You can follow Von Decarlo on twitter @VonDecarlo and her website vondecarlo.com

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