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Show #084 Rock N Roll Jeopardy (with consequences)

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What is there to say about this night that the picture doesn’t?!? In case you are wondering that is not Caitlyn Jenner, it’s Ralph. The concept for Sex Drugs & Rock n Roll Jeopardy with consequences was simple. If you got a question right, you got points, if you got it wrong – you were punished by the dominatrix Lydia Supremacy. Two Thirds of Big Jay’s other podcast (legion of skanks) were there to help Ralph out as Jay was away. Luis J Gomez competed against Ralph and an SDR fan, and Dave Smith was the Alex Trebek for the night. Several fun people stopped by too. Porn Stars Natalia Starr and Coco Brown, Rock of Love winner & Penthouse Pet Taya Parker, and Cro-Mags founding guitarist Parris Mayhew to name a few. The place was packed, the show was awesome, and we will probably make this a regular thing in 2016! Find Lydia Supremacy here. And click their names for Dave Smith or Luis J Gomez twitter.

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