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Show #072 Red Dragon Cartel & Full Devil Jacket (Jake E Lee’s new band, and a cool reunited band)

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This is the last of the lost episodes. And what a doosey it is. This is a unique two part episode. As I (ralph) did interviews with two bands, when Jay couldn’t be around. So I taped them, and we kept them for a rainy day. So, we have Ozzy’s guitarist JAKE E LEE (Bark At The Moon Anyone?) with his new band Red Dragon Cartel, Which also contains the bass player from Jake’s other band Badlands which is one of my favorites from back in the day. If you don’t know them – check out this video. They came in to talk about the new album and discuss stories from back in the day… And if that wasn’t enough – a fantastic band FULL DEVIL JACKET came in as well. They had a huge debut album with a top 20 rock hit “Where Did You Go” Then disappeared, and why they did is a helluva story. Their new album Valley Of Bones is out now, and the lead single is great.

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