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Show #071 Sal Vulcano (Impractical Jokers)

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In the continuing series of lost episodes – this is 2 of 3. A very interesting show. Basically the first time Sal came on, he had so much fun, he decided to hang out and do the next show with us. Dakotah Foxx is this SUPER hot “porn star” I put it in quotes because her first movie was supposed to come out in March, and we actually held this episode so that it would be released when her movie came out. But alas, it is now September, and the movie is nowhere to be seen. That being said – it is a pretty funny episode… and her story about her first on camera shot was fantastic. You can follow Sal Vulcano on Twitter here. And of course the Impractical Jokers are everywhere. Dakotah Foxx however, we don’t have much info other than the picture these days!

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