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Show #066 Darenzia (Penthouse Model)

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Darenzia is a beautiful Penthouse & Fetish model who came in to discuss her new movie project entitled CROSSOVER. Currently the production is in the process of being crowd funded – and you can check the page out here. Also, she and Ralph BRIEFLY dated, and he gave an extremely disappointing performance that is discussed in detail. Tonight was also the first offical LIVE video, which we now do every monday at 9PM eastern time, and you can watch it HERE (when we are live). After it’s live, you cannot see it again until the actual episode comes out, but feel free to subscribe to your youtube page as well. Darenzia can be found on twitter. Our new shirts and hats are available. We are constantly striving to make this show better, more interactive, and more fun.. if you have questions or comments feel free to reach out on facebook, twitter or email us. Thank you for being a fellow addict! #GetAddicted

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