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Show #064 P4 with Comedian Dave Smith

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This was a bit nutty – and to be quite honest, I didn’t think we would be able to outdo the Naked Twister event, but I think this did it! We have Dynamite come in to shoot ping pong balls out of her c***h, and we try to hit them back into cups for points. Then eggs get involved, and there is a foot swallowing incident at the end.. all in all it was nuts. Also, we have comedian Dave Smith on who does Legion of Skanks with Big Jay and Luis J Gomez, as well as his own podcast Part of the Problem. We had a full house, we all drank Kava thanks to KavaSutraNYC, and we really had a great show.. hope you all enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed doing it! Keep in mind – the new shirts are now avail on the website, plus we have one final week for you to try and get on the boat and join us for the Motorhead Cruise!

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