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Show #060 Robert Kelly (Comedian)

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Robert Kelly is not only a great comedian, but also one of the first to step into the world of podcasting. His long running show YKWD has been essential in the careers of many comics, plus he is downright hilarious, and a super cool, nice guy. He came in to discuss the new FX show Sex, AND Drugs & Rock-n-Roll – with Dennis Leary. The show comes out tomorrow on FX, and you should 100% check it out. You can follow Robert Kelly on Twitter and his show YKWD is streamed LIVE on YOUTUBE We figured out how we are giving away the motorhead crusie, so make sure you listen closely to that part, and if you are unwilling to take a chance, and just want to party with us, Motorhead, Slayer, Anthrax, and more – then head to www.motorheadcruise.com and use the code SDR to get a $150 on-board credit for a room of 2 or more!

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