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Show #051 The One Year Anniversary Party

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What A night, what a night, what a Night! Here’s a facebook photo album from the event . There’s SO many people to thank for coming out, and helping out and making this year what it was. We cannot wait to see what year #2 will have in store. theSHIFT was fantastic, and they popped our live in-studio performance cherry. Aaron Berg was gracious enough to be the emcee and be the first guest of the night. Allan Finn of The Week In Sex was also on, along with Taylor Chandler, Sal Vulcano of Impractical Jokers too! Bonnie Rotten was there, Payton Sin Claire came by, Scott Putesky (Daisy Berkowitz) stopped by. A ton of friends, and fans, plus I definitely want to thank both Claudia and Alex for helping out. Lainie Speiser, Scotty & Patsy, I mean honestly too many people to mention here. Of Course – The Museum of Sex too, with their crew. Now, If I didn’t plug you on this list – I apologize, the show is late and I am trying to get this out asap, but just know – if you were there, or you listen to the show, if you tell others, if you tweet, instagram or FB to us every so often – we love it all. The feedback that we’ve gotten in our first year has been just fantastic. I mean – we were #1 in iTunes comedy for goodness sake! Our newest sponsor is QelloConcerts PLEASE go there and sign up for the free trial – It’s basically the music version of netflix, and we’ll have a motorhead cruise channel up soon. AND PLEASE do yourself a favor – and go to Isabella Creations and order yourself a fun cake, ours not only looked amazing (you can see pics in the album above) BUT tasted great (especially the penis)! I realize this is show #51 – so technically it’s a week early – but what’cha gonna do! And please add ALEX on instagram (she’s hot)!

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