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Show #014 – Tony Foresta, Seton O’Connor, Bam Margera And Jello Biafra

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This special was recorded at the 2014 Gwar B-Q Festival. Tony Foresta discusses Iron Reagen, touring with Gwar, Dave Brockie memories, and Toxic Holocaust. Seton O’Connor discusses Gwar on the Dan Patrick Show, his involvement in the metal scene, Dan Patrick’s memorial for Dave Brockie, the smelly Oderus costume, Stat of the Day, Will Ferrell’s rendition of Stat of the Day and a never released version of Gwar’s Wheel of Punishment. Bam Margera discusses destroying hotels with his painting, drunken memories with Vinnie Paul, getting heavy metal on MTV, and how Bam’s drinking. Jello Biafra discusses the importance of the Dead Kennedys catalogue in difficult political climates, punk reunion tours, people asking him for pictures, staying current, and Al Jourgensen.

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