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Roastmasters #64 – May 1st 2018

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TOURNAMENT BATTLES: Andrew Manning vs Isabel Hagen, Sean Finnerty vs Raanan Hershberg, Chloe McGovern vs Sally Ann Hall, Patrick Schroeder vs Christine Meehan-Berg. NON TOURNAMENT BATTLE: Michael Suarez vs Gabby Bryan. MAIN EVENT: Maddy Smith vs Kim Congdon JUDGES: Big Jay Oakerson, Rich Vos, Robert Kelly, Ron Bennington, Mike Lawrence. HOST: Luis J. Gomez This episode was recorded on May 1st 2018 This show is recorded LIVE at The Stand comedy club in NYC, every Tuesday night at 10:30pm. Go to http://www.TheStandNYC.com and use promo code: masters to get $5 tickets! Not in the NYC area? You can still watch Roastmasters LIVE every Tuesday at 10:30pm online for FREE ONLY on http://GaSDigitalNetwork.com Once you’re there, become a member and gain access to our entire archive of episodes! Use promo code ROAST and save 15% at sign up! Follow this week’s battlers on Social Media: Andrew Manning: @andrewmanthing Isabel Hagen: @isabelhagen_ Sean finnerty: @SeanyFinnerty Raanan Hershberg: @raananhershberg Chloe McGovern: @cholemcgovern Sally Ann Hall: @SuperSallyAnn Patrick Schroder: @Schrotime Christine Meehan Berg: @funnychristine Maddy Smith: @modernmaddy Kim Congdon: @kimberlycongdon Michael V Suarez: @MikeVSuarez Gabby Bryan: gabbyisbryan (Insta)

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