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Roastmasters #57 – March 13th 2018

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UNDERCARD: Anthony Passaretti vs Jess Fleischer, Adam Gabel vs Catherine Zini, Yoshiko Watson vs Dan Wickes, Bill Beteet vs Josh Otusanya, Sally Ann Hall vs Andrew Manning, Katie Boyle vs Chrissie Mayr. JUDGES: Big Jay Oakerson, Eli Sairs, and Jessica Kirson. HOST: Luis J. Gomez This show is recorded LIVE at The Stand comedy club in NYC, every Tuesday night at 10:30pm. Go to http://www.TheStandNYC.com and use promo code: masters to get $5 tickets! Not in the NYC area? You can still watch Roastmasters LIVE every Tuesday at 10:30pm online for FREE ONLY on http://GaSDigitalNetwork.com Once you’re there, become a member and gain access to our entire archive of episodes! Use promo code ROAST and save 15% at sign up! Follow this week’s battlers on Social Media: Katie Boyle: @katieboylecomic Chrissie Mayr: @ChrissieMayr Sally Ann Hall: @SuperSallyAnn Andrew Manning: @andrewmanthing Bill Beteet: @BillBetweet Josh Otusanyo: @thisisjosho Yoshiko Watson: @hywatsup Dan Wickes: @dan_wickes Adam Gabel: @TheAdamGabel Catherine Zini: @CatZini Anthony Passaretti: @AnthonyPass94 Jess Fleischer: @jfleisch

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