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OTP #004 – A Taste of The High Life

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In this episode Bo discusses how in 1978, New York City was broke. The mayor was forcing the NYPD to crack down on overtime hours. So, Bo was in need of some extra money to support his family. His notoriety for being One Tough Cop, got him a job moonlighting as a bodyguard for The Saudi Royal family. Hear some outlandish and comical tales of Bo’s adventures with the Arab Prince. Continue to listen and download every week, as Bo Dietl gives you, the listener, a “back seat” view on cracking some of New York City’s most notorious cases and all his stories of being One Tough Cop! Follow Bo Dietl on Social Media: Twitter: @BoDietl Instagram: @TheRealBoDietl Email your questions, comments, ideas to OneToughPodcast@gmail.com

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