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OTP #001 – Introduction To The Life of One Tough Cop

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In the very first episode, Bo Dietl introduces you into the early stages of his life. Growing up in Ozone Park, Queens New York in the early 60’s where he met and befriended John Gotti, who became boss of the powerful Gambino crime family in New York City. Bo discusses his abusive father and how his unorthodox parenting, kept him away the gangster lifestyle, but not from a few neighborhood scuffles. Bo gets into a story about the time John Gotti saved his life after being targeted by the Pagen motorcycle gang and how he went from wanting to be a Gym Teach to becoming a NYC Detective. Where he was responsible for some of New York City’s most high profile cases of all time. Bo touches on some of these cases, but continue to listen and download every week, as Bo Dietl breaks down and gives the listener a “back seat” view on cracking those cases.

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